Aisling Leonard-Curtin

M.Sc., Reg. Psychol., Ps.S.I. 

Aisling is a Registered Counselling Psychologist and Director of ACT Now Ireland, the largest provider of Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) workshops in Ireland.  She completed her training in Trinity College Dublin.

Aisling specialises in Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), which helps people to connect more to the present moment, those things that matter most to them and get unstuck in their lives.  

Aisling is one of under 100 peer-reviewed ACT Trainers in the world. She has experience working across a variety of settings including organisational, psychiatry, addictions, psycho-oncology, community, public and educational settings.

Aisling has worked with various organisations including the European Globalisation Fund, CPM Coaching, Smurfit Business School, DIT and UCD.

She teaches on University courses and regularly gives ACT workshops internationally; most notably she has given workshops at Harvard and teaches in Trinity College Dublin at Doctorate level.  She is a lecturer on the Masters in Coaching in UCC.  Aisling is a published author internationally in ACT and is keen to bring this transformative approach out to as many people as possible.

She is known for her enthusiasm, passion, humour, authenticity and her capacity to make complex concepts easy to understand and apply.  Aisling’s book Mindfulness and Acceptance for Gender and Sexual Minorities is due for release with New Harbinger in 2016.

She has appeared regularly on radio and newspapers nationally and internationally.  Aisling writes fiction and does improvisational comedy in her spare time.

Dr Trish Leonard-Curtin

Dr. Trish Leonard is a Counselling Psychologist who specialises in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). She has had a keen interest in DBT over the past decade and has trained in the U.S. with Shari Manning, Ph.D, founder of the Treatment Implementation Collaborative (TIC).

Dr Leonard has extensive experience of working with trauma and psychological distress in adolescents and adults across a broad range of settings, including outpatient, hospitals and private practice. Having trained in a number of mindfulness based approaches, she also values the role of mindfulness in daily life and in her therapeutic work. She continues to train in mindfulness interventions and has co-facilitated mindfulness based workshops for the NHS.

Trish is particularly drawn to the concept of ‘dialectics’ in DBT and throughout her work endeavours to help individuals move towards a balance of acceptance for her/his difficulties with facilitating change towards a life worth living.

Louise McHugh


Louise’s research interests are centred on the experimental analysis of language and cognition from a behaviour analytic and Relational Frame Theory perspective, including especially the development of complex cognitive skills such as perspective- taking and the process-level investigation of behavioural and cognitive psychotherapies including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness Based Interventions.

She has published over 60 papers on these topics and has received funding from several sources including the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust, the Waterloo Trust, the Welsh Assembly and the European Research Council. Louise is an author of the text The Self and Perspective Taking: Contributions and Applications for Modern Behavioural Science and a Fellow of the International Association for Contextual Behavioural Science. She is an ACBS Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer.

Louise lives in Dublin is a long suffering Mayo supporter and a budding improv comedian.


Dr Kirk Strosahl

Kirk Strosahl obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Purdue University in 1981. He is one of the founders of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and specialises in the application of ACT as a brief intervention. He continues to work as a practicing clinician, working side by side with Family Medicine Physicians in daily practice at Central Washington Family Medicine, in Yakima, Washington.
Dr Strosahl has also co-authored both professional and self-help books on the brief applications of ACT and has taught clinicians around the world how to apply ACT principles in their practice. He has sometimes been called the “hands of ACT” because of his superb clinical skills

Patricia J. Robinson

Patricia J. Robinson, PhD, is an ACT practitioner and trainer with over 20 years experience in using ACT in primary care settings. Current activities include providing training for mental health and medical clinicians and consulting with health care systems seeking to integrate behavioural health services into primary care.

Patricia is an author of numerous articles and book chapters and has published eight books, including In This Moment: Five Steps to Transcending Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroscience (with K. Strosahl) (2014) and Behavioural Consultation and Primary Care: A Guide to Integrating Services, 2nd Edition (J. T. Reiter) (November, 2015).

Russell Kolts

Russell Kolts, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Eastern Washington University, where he has taught for over 17 years. An internationally-recognised trainer in Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) who regularly conducts CFT training around the world, Dr Kolts has pioneered the use of CFT in the treatment of problematic anger.

Russell Kolts is the author of a number of books applying CFT, including The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Managing Your Anger, An Open-Hearted Life: Transformative Lessons on Compassionate Living from a Clinical Psychologist and a Buddhist Nun (with Thubten Chodron), and CFT Made Simple.

*photo is courtesy of TEDxOlympia

Louise Hayes

Clinical Psychologist, MAPS, Senior Fellow The University of Melbourne, Fellow ACBS

Louise is a world expert in psychological wellbeing for young people. She teaches mindfulness based well-being with young people in schools and clinical settings. She is a bestselling author, international speaker, active philanthropist, clinical psychologist, a senior fellow at The University of Melbourne, a peer reviewed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training (ACT) trainer.

Louise is the co-author of the bestselling book, Get Out of Your Mind and Into your Life for Teenagers: A Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life, and the newly released book, The Thriving Adolescent: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology to Help Teens Manage Emotions, Achieve Goals, and Build Connection.

For more information on Louise go to – or

Lisa W. Coyne

Lisa W. Coyne, PhD, is an internationally recognised ACT Trainer and is on the Faculty at Harvard Medical School, where she directs the McLean Child and Adolescent OCD Institute (OCDI Jr.). She is an Associate Clinical Professor at Suffolk University in Boston, MA, and is also a licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Lisa has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and chapters on ACT and OCD for children, teens, and families, and is the author of the recently released book for parents of young children The Joy of Parenting: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Guide to Effective Parenting in the Early Years.

Dr Paul D’Alton

Dr. Paul D’Alton is Head and Clinical Lead of the Department of Psycho-oncology at St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin and Adjunct Lecturer at The School of Psychology, University College Dublin. Paul completed his clinical psychology training at Trinity College, Dublin.

Paul’s primary area of clinical & research interest is the application of mindfulness-based interventions in healthcare with a particular interest in end of life care. He trained in MBCT at the Oxford Centre for Cognitive Therapy and completed his practicum and teacher intensive training at the University of Massachusetts (USA) where mindfulness-based interventions in healthcare originated. He has been teaching MBCT with clinical populations for 10 years having begun his own meditation training in 1994. Paul will co-direct the new MSc in Mindfulness Based Interventions taking place in UCD in 2014. He also teaches on several post-graduate programmes at University College Dublin, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Trinity College Dublin.

He has completed a number of funded research projects and has presented and published research both nationally and internationally. Paul is chair of the PSI Equality and Diversity Working Group (EquIP) and the Death, Dying and Bereavement Special Interest Group. Paul is an expert member of St Vincent’s University Hospital Medical Research and Ethics Committee. He is on the Board of Directors of the Irish Association of Palliative Care and is incoming President Elect of The Psychological Society of Ireland. Paul lives in Dublin, is a committed cyclist and a reasonable cook.

Dr Michael Delmont

Dr Michelo (Michael) DelMonte was born in The Hague but completed his formal education in Dublin. He has primary degrees in Genetics and Psychology, as well as an H.Dip.Ed, a research M.Sc and a Ph.D. – all from TCD. His doctorate was on the psycho-physiological, personality, mindfulness and other aspects of meditation. Michelo later obtained an M.Psych.Sc. in Psychotherapy from UCD.

For about 30, years while working in Dublin, Michelo conducted individual, couple, family and group psychotherapy in the Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Units of St.James’s Hospital, St. Patrick’s University Hospital and St. Edmundsbury Hospital (where he was Principal Psychologist). He is currently in private practice in Monkstown, and lectures psychology And psychotherapy in TCD. Michelo has published about 80 articles on psychotherapy, meditation, mindfulness and evolution.

In 1990 Michelo was co-founder in Tokyo of “The Transnational Network for Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Well-Being” which, by holding conferences internationally every two years and by publishing their Proceedings, sought to introduce Eastern perspectives into Western Psychology. As a result of these Network conferences Michelo regularly met up with Jon Kabat-Zinn, who introduced mindfulness meditation to the USA.

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