“I got a sense of support for a mindful practice that is a very useful tool to clarify issues. It’s a workshop that really cuts straight through to blocks that we don’t necessarily see… it’s very clarifying. There’s great insights in the toolbox that Aisling uses. “

Mary Kavanagh

Nurse, Dublin

“I’m doing ACT the last two years. I’m finding both my personal level and in practice, it’s been very beneficial.   I think as opposed to the other approaches, the core message is about the acceptance part of it. I think in my life, and in many people’s lives, there are certain things that cannot be changed and it’s our struggle against them that cause most of the stress and anxiety and problems within people’s lives. I think there’s a huge amount of freedom when you accept things. Acceptance for me is more than a word, it’s a way of living. If you’re using mindfulness daily and consistently, you get the real benefit of it, being more grounded and focused.”

Alan Kavanagh

Trainee Psychotherapist, Dublin

“I would highly recommend ACT and Aisling to anyone. A counsellor recommended Aisling and this programme to me… she felt it would benefit me and she was right. It’s not going too deep into your past and all this. It’s kind of living in the now, the moment and it’s using mindfulness in your daily life, not just sitting and meditating.”

Emer O’Toole

Childcare worker, Dublin

“The title was getting unstuck and I feel like I got that out of the day. It helped me to look very clearly at where I was stuck and give pointers to actual tools to take me out of this stuckness. I got clarity and direction and I was very pleased. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to look at issues in a mindful way. It keeps things easy and simple to work with.”

Mary Furlong

Physiotherapist, Dublin

“It’s (ACT Workshop) great practical everyday DIY for your life. We all walk around with your own thoughts, concerns and preoccupations and our own wishes and feelings and beliefs and so on. So any time you look beneath the hood and start to question those and stop to take a moment to consider those is valuable. Absolutely, I would recommend it.”

Dr. Jim Johnson

Research Scientist, University College Dublin

Learning ACT and MBI has greatly enhanced my private practice by introducing a highly effective mindfulness based approach to my work as a Counsellor & Psychotherapist.

I have only ever received positive feedback from my clients about ACT and how it enables them to learn mindfulness skills to deal with their difficult thoughts and feelings and learn to take action to live a more full and meaningful life.

Aisling is a wonderful trainer. She is passionate about ACT and this translates into her workshops, which are both engaging and enjoyable. She makes ACT very easy to understand and explains very clearly using plenty of role-plays, about how to apply ACT and MBI to your clinical practice. I would highly recommend the course to Psychotherapists looking for more skills and knowledge to enhance their therapy sessions with their clients.


Carolyn Duggan

MIACP, B.A. (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy

“I found the whole course really enlightening. I would definitely recommend this course personally and professionally. You get to process a lot of the way you are thinking and get to process your thoughts and emotions and how you can help your clients to do that as well.”

Mary Mangan

Assistant Psychologist, APSI, Ireland

“For me, it was a day about getting back in touch with myself and recalibrating. And it did that beautifully. I really enjoyed it… Everybody should take a day out like this to tap into how they feel and where they feel to get a different perspective on life.”

Marie Nugent

Director of Inner Inspirations, Dublin

“The reason I did the workshop was because I really wanted to find a way to cope with anxiety, which I suffer from every single day, 24 hours a day. And my strategies just weren’t working. I was introduced to Aisling Curtin and through the workshop today, she has taught me the fundamental principle that managing anxiety is not about resisting it and pushing it away. It’s actually about understanding it and leaning into it and actually accepting it, that anxiety is a part of normal life.

The best strategy for dealing with it is to not expect it to go away but to actually manage it for me as it is. The light bulb moment for me today was that you can say yes to anxiety and you can actually be with it and you’ll be OK. I think that’s just so important for so many people. I got an enormous amount from this workshop and would love to do more.”

Dr. Nicki Scaramuzi

GP, Dublin

“(My experience) has been a very positive one from the outset… My experience from the actual course content itself, it was very life-changing in terms of personal development and in my career as a trainer in leadership courses predominantly and as an executive coach… I think the beauty of ACT is it joins the two (Mindfulness and coaching) together really well.

The facilitators have created an environment where there’s a lot of sharing, a lot of openness and the environment has been there to allow us to discuss in a way that we wouldn’t ordinarily do in a group with people who we don’t know that well. That’s facilitated a really good development place for people who have been on the course.”


Paul Dicker

Trainer, Dublin

I have undertaken both ACT training courses and ACT Supervision with Aisling Curtin, and have found these to be of exceptional quality. Aisling is marvelous at linking theory with practice. The course theory is delivered in a way that is easy to follow because Aisling utilises experiential skills learning techniques and also illustrates concepts with examples from her own professional experience. The practical skills and academic knowledge I have gained through the course has been of great value in developing my confidence and capacity to work with ACT. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to develop fluency with ACT.


Lisanne O’Loughlin

Counsellor and Psychotherapist