Make Tiny But Powerful Changes When Everything Feels Too Much

Do you ever feel that you are living a life that is far smaller than the one you desire?
A life where your hopes and dreams are so far out of your reach that, each time you try to take steps towards them, you are often blocked by overwhelming fear, doubt, & resignation.

You are not alone.

Many of us live in what has been popularly termed “the comfort zone”.

Which is a pretty misleading name as the comfort zone is usually anything but comfortable. It is the place we exist when we are preoccupied by fear of failure and rejection and the unknown. In our own lives, and through our work with others, we see time and time again how it is very often our own self-limiting inactions that keep us trapped within this comfort zone.

Aisling and Trish, co-directors of ACT Now Purposeful Living, are a couple of psychologists who also happen to be a couple. Together, our key passion is to empower people towards a life built on purpose and meaning.

Aisling Leonard-Curtin

Aisling, Trish, and the rest of our ACT Now Purposeful Living team all walk the walk. We will never teach you anything that we don’t actively apply in our own lives. We will all be breaking out of our comfort zones together.

Aisling Leonard-Curtin

Aisling says: ‘I firmly believe that little and often is better than perfect and never.’

Aisling has first-hand experience of anxiety, while Trish struggles with depression. Combining their lived experience with evidence-based practice from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Aisling and Trish work to bring you effective ways of integrate mindfulness into your everyday life.

You’re only one step away from building your life worth fighting for.

As Lao Tsu says, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We are here if you’re willing to take that step today.

When our sense of being overwhelmed is such that we are unable to do anything to change it, our task is not to completely eradicate it but to find a way to transform it into something manageable.

~ Aisling & Trish Leonard-Curtin

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Testimonials From Our Clients

“I got a sense of support for a mindful practice that is a very useful tool to clarify issues. It’s a workshop that really cuts straight through to blocks that we don’t necessarily see… it’s very clarifying. There’s great insights in the toolbox that Aisling uses. “

Mary Kavanagh, Nurse, Dublin

“I would highly recommend ACT and Aisling to anyone. A counsellor recommended Aisling and this programme to me… she felt it would benefit me and she was right. It’s not going too deep into your past and all this. It’s kind of living in the now, the moment and it’s using mindfulness in your daily life, not just sitting and meditating.”

Emer O’Toole, Childcare worker, Dublin

“It’s (ACT Workshop) great practical everyday DIY for your life. We all walk around with your own thoughts, concerns and preoccupations and our own wishes and feelings and beliefs and so on. So any time you look beneath the hood and start to question those and stop to take a moment to consider those is valuable. Absolutely, I would recommend it.”

Dr. Jim Johnson, Research Scientist, University College Dublin

“For me, it was a day about getting back in touch with myself and recalibrating. And it did that beautifully. I really enjoyed it… Everybody should take a day out like this to tap into how they feel and where they feel to get a different perspective on life.”

Marie Nugent, Director of Inner Inspirations, Dublin

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