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In addition to the Live Online Courses and On-Demand Courses listed below, we also offer custom workshops created & tailored to meet your individual needs. To discuss a workshop facilitated by our team, contact us and avail of a 30-minute complimentary consultation with one of our co-directors.

Past Applied Trainings

Our 17.5-hour applied training in the foundations of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) ran from November to December 2021. This training is a prerequisite induction for attending our 18-month advanced training in ACT and mindfulness-based interventions. Our next Foundations training will likely run in 2025. For more information and to reserve your place, please email us at info@actnow.co

18-Month Advanced Training in ACT & MBI

Focused Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Mastery | 21-hours

Focused Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Foundations | 14-hours

Focused Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Extensive | 35-hours

Foundations in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Targeted ACT for Emotion Regulation, OCD, Anxiety & Perfectionism

Intro to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Behavior Analysts

Aisling Leonard-Curtin & colleagues

I initially enrolled in the training as a means of furthering my professional development. It soon became clear that it would also be a means of enhancing my personal development, which has been very helpful, especially during these COVID-19 times. I was struck by the professionalism, empathy, and clear desire to help by all the presenters.

~ Lynne Thibodeau, BCBA

Very informative and well-organized training session. Excellent resources with really knowledgeable speakers. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks!!

~ Jemima Tahany, Autism Support Specialist

This was a fabulous introduction to ACT for Behavior practitioners. All of the speakers really made a great effort to connect the ACT process with ABA, which for a lot of us, took a bit to wrap our minds around how to get to the “heart” level, as we have traditionally been trained to solely think analytically and empirically. I would absolutely recommend it to colleagues interested in learning more about ACT.

~ Kirsten Castro, M.Ed., BCBA, LABA

Certification course in Superhero Therapy

Enhance your therapeutic approach & empower your clients to find their strength.
Dr Janina Scarlet

I have already recommended this course personally to my fellow nerds and would also recommend this course professionally. I hope to use this training to make a difference in my clients’ lives and I’m so excited to help and empower others to become their very own superhero!

~ Shannon Sinnott

I loved the Superhero Training with Dr. Scarlet. She was so knowledgeable and passionate. I’ve definitely learned some tools that will really appeal to and help me better engage with many of the youth I support.

~ Shannon Eidman, M.Ed., BCBA

This training has added to the ways I can offer understanding and develop relational depth with clients should they identify with the themes covered. As a sand tray/play enthusiast it is a wonderful addition to this creative therapeutic process which can be a powerful medium in client work.

~ Claire Mooney, BSc, BA, PgDip Couns.

Focused Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

ACT as a Brief Intervention
Dr Kirk Strosahl & Dr Patricia Robinson

It exceeded my expectations! I learned more than words can describe in 4 days and it was a delightful experience to watch Patricia & Kirk in action. The team is kind and the training was well organized.

~ Luisa Jötten, Psychologist

I found it incredibly valuable to immerse myself in the FACT approach with colleagues from multiple disciplines. The diversity of perspectives helped me to broaden my understanding of applications. I would highly recommend the training to others looking for a similar learning experience.

~ Jayne Ruff, Occupational Psychologist

I am really grateful for the hands-on practical materials that can be used immediately in everyday work with clients to support and enact meaningful change in their lives.

~ Danijel Bićanić, Psychologist

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