The Power of Small

9-Monthly Meetups

Online self-care group led by Dr. Trish Leonard-Curtin

From March to July, we held weekly online Power of Small self-care meetings for COVID-19 uncertainty. Now with Winter approaching and restrictions increasing, many of us are struggling to cope with the seemingly long-term “new normal”. As a result, our lives can become more about damage control than doing what matters to us. From November, Dr. Trish Leonard-Curtin and Joanna Siadul will lead nine online monthly meetups, providing you with a toolkit of small actions and skills to make small but powerful changes. Join us as we connect, expand the confines of our comfort zones, and make space for unwanted thoughts & emotions.

Cost: €450 over 3 installments. Discounted spaces available for low waged/ unwaged attendees (€300 over 6 installments).

Meetings will be held from 7pm to 8:30pm via Zoom. The group will be limited to a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 18 people. To reserve your space, email

Monthly Meetup Dates

November 11th
December 16th
January 13th
February 17th
March 24th
April 21st
May 12th
June 9th
July TBC

Together we can build up a toolkit of small actions & skills to respond to unwanted thoughts & emotions and do what matters to us.

The Power of Small Premise

If your mind tells you that certain life changes are unattainable, undeserved, or too hot to handle, this simple and effective book is the one for you. Rather than waiting for the big life-changing moments, which more often than not don’t happen, The Power of Small shows you how to take manageable steps as opportunities to change your life, one decision at a time.

It is extremely tempting to want to change all areas of your life all at once. However, we have found time and again that you will make the most significant impact if you start with one valued area.

~ Aisling Leonard-Curtin & Dr Trish Leonard-Curtin

Sessions will be co-facilitated by Joanna Siadul

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