Navigating Neurodivergent Relationships Compassionately and Effectively


Next Intake: September 2024


About this Course

Join Aisling Leonard-Curtin (dyspraxic dysgraphic ADHDer) and Dr. Trish Leonard Curtin (autistic ADHDer), a couple of psychologists who also happen to be a multi-neurodivergent couple, on a journey towards navigating your neurodivergent relationships in a compassionate and effective way. Over nine sessions, this live online course will explore challenges we may face in neurodivergent relationships and how we can support ourselves. The course will also support you to identify and play to you and/or your loved ones neurodivergent strengths. This psychologist-led course will be delivered using a Polyvagal-informed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) based approach, helping you to identify when you may be engaging in actions that are bringing you further away from where you want to be within your relationships, and move towards more meaningful connections. Aspects of polyvagal theory around the autonomic nervous system will help you to better understand and regulate your nervous system and the nervous systems of your loved ones when in survival modes of fight-or-flight and/or drain and drop out.

Topics that will be explored during the sessions include:

  •  Understanding neurodivergent differences (focusing on adult ADHD and Adult autism) and how they can impact our relationships
  •  Effective communication and boundary setting
  • Understanding how the autonomic responses of our nervous systems impact neurodivergent relationships
  • Navigating emotional dysregulation and recognising our cues of safety and danger
  •  Neurodivergent identity tangles
  • Expanding our window of tolerance towards a more compassionate view of ourselves and our loved ones
  • Neurodivergent meltdowns, shutdowns, and burnout
  • Masking and the healing fantasy, role self, and true self
  • Setting up supports for recurring challenges within our relationships

Through exploring these topics, you will learn ACT-based skills which can be integrated into your life beyond the course to support your neurodivergent relationships.

Who is this Course For?

This course is for individuals who identify as neurodivergent and/or individuals who have a relationship with someone who identifies as being neurodivergent. Because the course focuses on adult neurodivergent relationships, attendees must be at least 18 years old. Attendees can participate in the course individually or alternatively, can choose to sign up to the course with someone they are in a relationship with. Relationships include romantic relationships, family relationships, and friendships.

Course Structure

There is a maximum of 64 spaces on the course. This course will be run online via Zoom over nine sessions. Each session will be two hours long, involving approximately one hour of psychoeducation during which participants will be on mute and can ask questions, or share via chat. The assistant psychologist will ask questions on behalf of the participants and share common chat themes. There will be a 5-10 minute break during sessions. The psychoeducation piece will be followed by 25-40 minutes of breakout rooms of a maximum of 16 people facilitated by Aisling, Trish or one of the course assistants to reflect and connect with other course attendees. There will be up to four small breakout room groups. Each session will end with 15 minutes approximately in the main zoom room to share themes arising in breakout rooms and look at a ‘skill of the week’ to practice before the next session. You will be provided access to session recordings and materials following each session. After registration, you will be sent a consent form in which you must agree to not share the recordings and materials with others outside of the course. Course Schedule This online course takes place via Zoom.

Our next intake for this course will be September 2024. Dates to be confirmed.

For more information and to reserve your place, please email us at info@actnow.co

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