Breaking out of your Comfort Zone for 2017

Mini-Workshop with Aisling Curtin & Dr. Trish Leonard

Tuesday 24 January 2017
Venue: Grand Canal Hotel (click here for directions)


It’s the time of year where many of us want to let go of the old to make room for the new. More of us break our new year’s resolutions than keep them.

This workshop will help you identify blocks and barriers to making meaningful changes and give you the tools you need to break out of your comfort zone each day in 2017.

We’ll explore:

  1. What has staying in your comfort zone cost you?
  1. Why Compassion often takes the most courage.
  1. Connect with a big enough why to justify feeling discomfort regularly.
  1. Balance doing with being.
  1. Break it down and hold yourself accountable.

Aisling Curtin and Dr. Trish Leonard are Psychologists, co-directors of ACT Now Purposeful Living and co-creators of 5 Minute Breakouts. They are partners in love, life and psychology. Aisling and Trish are international speakers, trainers and authors on the topic of breaking out of your comfort zone to create a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. They speak about their personal experiences of anxiety and depression in addition to the latest research and strategies in coaching and psychology to help you create a life worth fighting for.

We are currently oversubscribed for our January 11th workshop. You are also welcome to attend the additional workshop we will host on Tuesday January 24th, the date we are statistically most likely to break our resolutions. Many thanks!!

What it costs

“Pay what you can donation on the day”

Grand Central Hotel